TERRA-Dreams is in German language only. Sorry, but i have not the time to translate more than 100 Pages and update them almost every day. So i have a link to the Google translated version. This is an automatic translation and there are many things wrong but i hope it helps you to understand the most of the page.

Please note! Some links maybe shows Errors. Particularly in the User-Gallery you can´t open the full size images. Google translation is an realtime translation and Google trys to translate all links on my page. So whenever a link goes to a CGI directory, you may get an Error. Please only use the translated version to read the pages. If you like to see the images in the User Gallery, you have to use the German page. Also the Guestbook and all Comments (User Gallery and News) only work on the German Page! I hope, i have the time to translate the page some day, but at the moment it is imposible. Sorry.

If you leave my page with a link to another page, it is also translated by google. If you like to see the original pages, you have to use the German page links.

Thanks for reading and have fun :)

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